Cream And Its Types


One of our favorite dairy products is whipped cream because it is cheap, rich and delicious. Cream can be used to make ice cream, Pavlovas, puddings, and desserts. Cream is also used to make soups, pasta sauces, quiches and more.

Types of Cream
Rich Cream / Double Cream / Double Thick Cream

It is a very high-fat dairy product. Double cream has a fat content of around 48 percent. It does not contain a thickening agent but a spoon or dollop will hold its shape. There is no need to beat double cream and if you do it will probably curdle. Double cream is great over puddings, desserts and in soups because it is so rich. Double thick cream can be poured into any hot dish.

Regular Cream / Pure Cream / Pouring Cream

In its natural state cream contains around 35 to 40 percent fat. This type of cream has additives which make it easy to whip. It makes great cake filling, Pavlova topping, cheesecakes, ice cream, and mousses. You can also use this type of cream for pasta sauces and quiches.

Reduced-Fat Cream / Light Cream

Reduced-fat cream has more protein and about 18 percent fat. It is a much healthier option for your creamy pasta dish and soups but it is not suitable for whipping.

Thickened Cream

It is the best cream for cooking because it is more tolerant to heat. Great for pikelets and scones and it doesn’t need whipping to hold its shape.

UHT Thickened

These letters mean the milk product has been subjected to ultra-heat treatment which is much higher than normal pasteurizing temperatures. This cream has a longer shelf life like other UHT dairy products.

Clotted Cream

This dairy product is very high in fat. The cream is thick and has a yellow crust or clots on the surface. It is made by heating unpasteurized cow’s milk and then leaving it in a shallow pan for several hours. The cream or fat rises to the top and forms clots.

Aerosol Cream

Cream in an aerosol can has a longer shelf life. All you need to do is give the bottle a shake and it pours out already thickened. You can get reduced-fat or regular cans.

Sour Cream

Is a dairy product rich in fat and contains lactic acid bacteria that thickens and sours the cream? Sour cream is great over nachos and baked potatoes and can be blended through soups, sauces, dressings, casseroles and even cakes. It is available in regular or light tubs.

Creme Fraiche

Chefs love this dairy product for is refined flavor and because it is suitable for heating.

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