Do You Know What You Drink?


If you are visiting this blog, you already know that you are what you eat. I would suggest broadening that motto with, you also are what you drink…

Soft drinks & juices

When it comes to carbonated soft drinks, they should be completely eliminated from our menu. Contrary to common belief, even juices may be unhealthy. In fact, they may contain artificial flavorings or sweeteners that replace sugar which may be detrimental to your health.  You should always check the ingredients label before you buy it. Drinking fruit and vegetable juices can be very beneficial, but only when they are freshly squeezed. Juices from the store that contain added sugar or worse, aspartame and other sweeteners have the opposite effect. When it isn’t an option to have freshly squeezed juice, try to choose organic juices with no artificial additives. It is also important not to buy drinks in plastic bottles, as they may also affect our health. Recent studies conducted by scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that juices packed in PET bottles contained an increased level of antimony trioxide (a suspected carcinogen, listed as a priority pollutant by the US Environmental Protection Agency) which is used as a catalyst in PET production.

Tea & coffee

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world next to water. If you are a tea enthusiast, it would be better to choose an organic blend that comes from leaves grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The organic teas have better flavor and contain more polyphenols and catechins which are antioxidants that are beneficial to your health. Those who prefer the energizing power of coffee also have a wide selection. When buying coffee, you can choose organic coffee which is grown without chemicals, and also choose from shade-grown coffee which is even more environmentally friendly. Shade-grown coffee comes from farms with thick layers of trees and bushes that also provide a home to numerous species of animals. There is also a more modern method of growing coffee, introduced in the 1970s, called sun cultivation where coffee is grown in rows under the sun with little or no forest canopy. Sun cultivation has become popular because the process is more rapid and the yields are higher. However, it requires increased use of fertilizers and pesticides and has led to deforestation of many areas of coffee cultivation.

Alcoholic beverages

Who doesn’t like a drink or two, especially on a Friday evening? These days we have a wide variety of organic alcoholic beverages to choose from – beers, wine and even some more sophisticated spirits like gin, vodka, rum, or whiskey which are all available at liquor stores and at bars. To be certified as organic alcohol, the beverages must be made of ingredients grown on certified farms and processed in a certified organic distillery or brewery. If you have some time and patience, you can buy kits to prepare your own wines or beers as well. This way you will be able to control precisely where the grains and fruits come from and also create a unique beverage suited to individual taste

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