Grain-Free, Organic and All Natural


We all have had one; that one dog that we could communicate with without using words, the one that would comfort us when we were sad, play and rejoice with us when we were happy, went through tough times with, and celebrated milestones with; that one dog that is extra special, your shadow, your confidant, your best friend. Mine was named Kip. He was my first dog as an adult and the reason behind Doggone Good Goodies.

Kip was diagnosed with Cushing’s’ Disease in 2007 and I dove headfirst into learning all I could about dog nutrition, what dogs should and should not eat, and why. Kip passed away after three years of battling this crippling disease.

Believing that nothing heals a broken heart quicker than puppy breath, I adopted Riley; a puppy of mixed lineage from the pound.

Doggone Good Goodies 

I noticed after several months of having Riley that his digestion was not quite right and all of the issues that Kip had came flooding back and hit me like a brick wall. While Riley’s issues were just allergies to commonly used dog food ingredients, I refused to let the same thing happen to Riley, as it did to Kip.

Doggone Good Goodies is built on that mission; to provide dog lovers with tasty goodies that are not harmful to your dog.

Treat’ your dog right, with a Doggone Good Goodie.

Using fresh, organic, all-natural, and local (when possible) ingredients we create healthy, hypoallergenic Goodies for your dog.  We offer an assortment of Goodies each weekend including cupcakes, mutt-fins, meatballs, and turkey tug of wars; our version of turkey jerky.  

Knot-less Bandannas
Slip this stylish, one of a kind, hand made bandanna on your dog’s collar and be the bark of the dog park. Each bandanna is an individual and once it is sold, there will never be another.  Using 600 thread count 100% cotton fabric, this bandanna holds up to countless washes and does not fade like other bandannas. It comes in small, medium and large.

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